Last Day of 3rd Grade!

By: Jonah

Last Day of 3rd Grade!

I am SO HAPPY today is the last day of 3rd grade!  This school
year has been the hardest ever. I am proud I did it!

I am going to a different school next year. It is pretty close to us.  This year I learned how hard I can work and how smart I am.  I learned that I have some disabilities and that makes me really special because I work really hard to do things that some kids don’t think about, like listen, talk, walk, run, read.  I learned that everyone is different and that is what makes meeting new people fun.  I also learned that I need another classroom with a special teacher to help me learn one on one about things like math, writing, and things that I just need a little more time with.  This new school really understands how I learn differently and need a little more time.  I’ll still be able to go to 4th grade, I will just have another classroom with kids that need some extra help like me.  I am really excited!  I have been visiting the new school for a cooking class, social class, and swimming.


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