Last Day of Winter Break

Last Day of Winter Break

Day 7 of 365 Days of Me:

Today is the last day of my winter break. I woke up at 3:00 AM. I was happy and energetic and wanted a snack, so I went to my snack cabinet in the kitchen and grabbed the bag of Rold Gold pretzels. I woke up my mom and gave her the bag of pretzels. Once I am awake, I will not go back to sleep, so my mom got out of bed and gave me a few pretzels. I giggled and then crawled back into bed and sat there with my pretzels in hand.

Later this morning, Anna Celeste arrived at our home, and we all went for a car ride. Eventually, we wound up meeting my grandma, grandpa and my cousin, Zachary, for lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I had quite an appetite!

It was a great winter break! Tomorrow, I go back to school.

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