Law School has been keeping me busy!

I know I’m not as frequent compared to previous years, but the law school, and especially the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) Legal Services Clinic, have been keeping me busy for the past couple of weeks.

Here are some updates that happened this semester:
1. I was contacted by the White House regarding my pro bono work (Volunteering) with the Georgia Legal Services Program to help tenants apply for rental assistance.
2. I declared a health law certificate.
3. I started working at the HeLP Clinic where my clients are patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  The type of services that we provide for these clients are related to SSI, housing law, and education law.
4. I accepted an offer to work over the summer (starting in June) at the Georgia Office of the Attorney General’s Law Department and I will join the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.
Here is a brief description:  The MFCU investigates and prosecutes health care providers and conspirators who commit fraud and abuse of the Georgia Medicaid program. The Unit has criminal teams, which initiate criminal prosecutions based on health care fraud and abuse, and civil teams, which investigate and prosecute civil qui tam whistleblower cases filed all over the country. MFCU prosecutions are often complex and involve a combination of witness interviews and depositions, data analysis, and information gathering with state and federal partners. Interns will experience a wide variety of criminal and civil prosecutorial activities, including grand jury appearances and presentation of criminal indictments, drafting of civil complaints, review of medical records, legal briefing and analysis of the Georgia Medicaid Fraud False Claims Act, and settlement negotiations in multi-million dollar cases. Law students looking to gain experience in healthcare law, criminal practice, or civil procedure need look no further!

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