Learning to be as independent as I can

By: Ashley

Hi everyone.  Ashley here.

I’m sorry it’s taken me this long t get back to writing a post.  I’ve been busy this last year with moving to a place here that is for special needs adults that just need a little more help.  It’s a really beautiful place and I live with a roommate.  I’m learning to cook more things then I did when I lived at home.  One of the things I have cooked are porkchops on the Georgeforeman grill and hamburgers and chicken.  Yum, yum.  I do come and see my parents once a week and to see my sweet babies aka parakeets (Romero, Sunshine, King Henry, Where For, Art Thou, Slick, Mischief, Lily, Snape and Hagrid.)  The last five are Romero and Sunshine’s babies and they are all spoiled.  I can’t wait to see my friends at this year’s conference.

Have a great day

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