Learning to live with 2 cats


Learning to live with 2 cats

Exactly 2 weeks ago on the day I moved in,  I adopted Buttercup, a 10yo cat, from a family moving to Sweden. She was terrified at first but has slept on my bed every night.  She’s beautiful and makes amazing eye contact.   










Finally she began following me around and meowing,  and we bonded really well.








5 days later I adopted another 2yo kitty named Missy who had kind of a rough background and whose owner had died the night before.  She wouldn’t move or eat or go to the bathroom for the first couple days. I’ve never seen a cat so scared in my life!








Now she is for sure comfortable with me,  and after she began exploring, she started eating and playing and sleeping with me and Buttercup.








By 5 days later,  I was so concerned that I couldn’t keep Missy.  I could totally calm her down and deal with that if it was just me I was thinking of,  but Buttercup was terrified and began acting differently and started throwing up. I even began asking around if someone wanted Missy.Slowly they have become tolerant of each other,  hide in the same places, eat out of the same bowls, and use the same litterbox.  They still hiss at each other, but we’re making progress, and they have brought me more happiness than I normally have.  I love them so much!!




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