Letter from Westchester Reform Temple

Dear Joachim

We wanted to write to you because we think you are really awesome.  We are a group of 5th grade boys with lots of interests like you.

Congratulations on winning the World Cheerleading Title TWICE.  That is so cool.  It is also great that you are a videographer and photographer.  We take pictures on our cell phones but that is about it.

We are into sports too.  We like soccer, basketball and baseball.  Do you like any of these sports.  We like music.  Our favorite songs are Royals, Holy Grail, Gas Pedal and Wake Me Up.  What is your favorite music?  Do you have any favorite songs.  You must know a lot of music.

You must be busy at school.  We work hard and have a lot of homework and we are only 10. You must get much more.  We wanted to tell you our favorite foods are Chinese, burgers and any kind of dessert, but especially chocolate.

We hope you write us back.

Ellen’s 5th Grade:  Charlie, Matthew, Trevor, Max, Jake, Jack, Ryan,
Eli, Jack #2, Noah, Aaron, Cole and Josh

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