Letter from Westchester Reform Temple

By: Byron

Dear Byron

We are the 5th Grade Judaica class at Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, New York.  We meet on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

We really liked your blog and your videos. We put together some questions if you have time to answer us. (Just one letter for all of us and you don’t have to answer every single question).

We wondered:

*What do you like best about being the manager of the soccer team?

*Did your surgery make it harder for you to learn things?

*Has anybody ever been rude to you about your surgery? If so, what did you do?

*can you move your arm with the brace on it?

*When did you find out about the surgery you had when you were a baby?

*Has anyone ever made fun of you?

*Are you good at basketball?

*Why do you like history?

Here are some things to know about us:

We like the following sports:  baseball, football (to watch), Lax, skiing, golf and tennis.

These are our favorite foods:  wings, sushi, steak, lobster, pasta, pizza, tacos, candy, pie, tiramisu and bread pudding.

Our favorite subjects in school are:  Math, PE, Computer, Reading and Social Studies.

Our favorite movies/books are:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Rush Hour, Money Ball, Iron Man, Grown Ups, Harru Potter, Septimus Heap, Inheritance, Hunger Games, Gregor and Overlander.

Here are some words we used to describe ourselves: athletic, amazing, awesome, boss, brilliant, kind, cool, friendly, happy, and fun.

We had a good time writing you this long letter.  There a lot of us but only one of you. it’s fine to write us just one response. Thank you and we can’t wait to hear back from you.


Scott, Jacob, Ben, Sam H. , Noah, James, Max, Levi, Leo, Danny, Sam W., Michael and Matthew.


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