Letter from Ypsilanti New Tech High School

By: Talia

Dear Talia

This is Deshard and Corinthia.  We’re from Ypsilanti, MIchigan and we go to Ypsilanti Community New Tech High School.  The reason we’re writing to you is because we have an assignment to do.  We are freshman just like you.  I’m 14, and Corinthia is 15.  The thing we have in common is our favorite subject: I like math and English too.  I was wondering if your life is hard or is it fine with Chromosome 18.  The project we’re doing is about beauty and I wanted to know what your definition of beauty is.  Because my definition of beauty is that beauty is something that everyone has, just in different way’s.

Hi Talia Corinthia here.  I’d like to start by saying that when I first laid eyes on a picture of you, I would have never thought that you had any type of genetic condition.  You are beautiful and very active.  I see that you like to do a lot of things and that’s amazing.  You’re not holding back on anything or letting your condition get the best of your life.  I am very excited to get to write to you.  Before I knew that I was going to be writing to you I said to myself, ‘wow I wish I could hear from her.’  While doing my research on chromosome 18, I found that there are many different kinds.  Exactly which condition do you have?


Corinthia and Deshard

P.S.  We would really love to hear from you!

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