Letter from Ypsilanti New Tech High School

By: Byron

Dear Byron

Our names are George & Jason.  We saw your video on the PEARLS website. You seem like a cool kid to hang out with.  We are sorry to hear about how you had to have your right half of your brain removed.  But I’m glad that you are a part of life.  If we didn’t know that you had brain surgery we would have never guessed.  We guess you hear that a lot from a lot of people.

George:  I’m mixed with African American and Caucasian and I’m 14 years old. I had surgery also on my head but not as severe as you.  When I was 12, I was playing baseball.  I was on first base trying to get an out and the sun got in my eyes.  The ball missed the glove and hit my forehead.  When I went to the hospital they said I needed surgery the next week to put a plate on my forehead. But is all good.  I quit sports and want to be in the same career as my dad in mechanical engineering.  What would you like your career to be?

Jason:  I am Hispanic.  I am 14 years old.  My family is from El Salvador.  I was born in Michigan.  I have lived in Michigan all of my life.  I am a very curious person and always trying and looking to find out more.  I like exploring.  I am loud and always laughing.  I enjoy working with my dad in construction and building.  I like to play soccer with my cousins and friends.  I also like engineering.  I like to get outside and do fun things hangout and just chill. What are your family traits?

Hope to hear from you soon


Jason & George

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