Letters from Ypsilanti New Tech High School

Dear Joachim

This is Da’Vian and Aaron here to say that we watched your videos and we liked them (especially the intro).  One of those videos showed you making potato pancakes, right?  Well, good job, man.  We have some questions that we want to ask you.

  • When did you get invited to the project, how, and why?
  • How big is your family?
  • What kind of xbox you have? My friend, Aaron, has an xbox 360 and he thinks maybe you two could meet online.
  • What grade are you in?
  • What are some hobbies?

That is it for now. We will talk to you later.


Da’Vian and Aaron


Dear Joachim

I’m Jazlyn.  I’m fourteen years old and fabulous.  I like to read mostly fiction books like, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.  I also like to sing and write poetry.  I want to make the most positive changes in the world that I can.  I think beauty is the kindness of someone’s heart and warmness of someone’s soul.  I think those qualities make a good person and looks can never define those qualities.  What do you think beauty is?  I’d like to know what your genetic disorder is and what kind problems have you faced from people who don’t understand your genetic disorder?  Who do you have to support you?  Now you’re gonna meet my friend Haley.

I am Haley.  I am fifteen years old and I like to read books about murderers. Another thing that I like to do is draw and listen to music.  I think beauty is based on how kind and generous a person is.  What is your view on beauty?  What are some other activities that you like to do?  Thanks so much for talking to me and my friend Jazlyn.

Your friends

Jazlyn and Haley

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