Letters from Ypsilanti New Tech High School

By: Grace

Dear Grace

My name is Andre and I’m here with my partner Daniel.  We are 9th graders from New Tech High school.  I’m 16 years olds and Daniel is 15 years old.  We saw some of your videos and your intro.  You seem like a cool person to hang out with.  I too love to dance.  I actually have my own dance group called “The Elementals.”  I’m very good at it but probably not as good as you are.  My partner Daniel likes to read, me too.  Harry Potter is a good book.  I read a couple of them in the past.  Daniel said that he would like to know what other cool books you like to read.  What’s your favorite genre, like horror, romantic, action or even mysteries?  Sadly, we have to go. Talk to you soon.


Andre and Daniel


Dear Grace

Nice to meet you, my name is Denzel and my partner is Jordan.  We are 9th graders in Ypsilanti New Tech in Ypsilanti Michigan.  We are here to talk to you about yourself like what school do you go to, do have a favorite TV show any question that we can learned about you.

My name is Denzel.  I am 14 years old, and I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  I like to play video games, sports games, and play basketball outside.  I like to have fun with anybody like my friends.  My dream is to become a pro NBA basketball player and an architect.  My definition for beauty is a key thing in a human being.  To me beauty is in the inside of your heart and the outside of you.  I wonder what is your definition for beauty?  I heard that you like animals we both like animals too, that’s a thing we have in common.  What do you want to be when you get older?

Hi, my name is Jordan.  I heard you like dogs?  What kind of dog do you have? My favorite dog is German shepherd.  I also heard you like acting.  There is a girl at my school who really likes acting and maybe you two will be in the same movie together.  How does Myotonic Dystrophy affect your everyday life?  You do not  have to talk about it if you don’t want to.  Some people say that I’m a little too curious.

Talk to you soon

Denzel and Jordan.


Hi Grace

My name is Jalen and my partner’s name is Janaye.  We are both 9th grade students at Ypsilanti New Tech High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  We have been studying Myotonic Dystrophy and what is beauty for about 2 days now and I have a couple questions to ask you.  What do you think true beauty really is?  Do you think beauty is inner or do you think it is an outer thing?  My definition of beauty is something that is inside of you not what you look like or you wear, beauty isn’t something you can go out and buy everybody has it for free no matter what shape or color you are.  Janaye’s opinion of beauty is not external, it is internal.  I think that your personality has more to do with it.  I think that your looks don’t really affect beauty, beauty is what you do.  Beauty in my opinion can be found in your actions, and 25% appearance.  I have a couple questions to ask you.  Do kids at your school look at you differently at school because of your disease, if so how do you handle it?  Do you find yourself beautiful? If so do you feel you’re beautiful outer or inner or both?


Jalen and Janaye


Dear Grace

We are working on a project called “What is beauty?”  We go to YNT and we are 9th graders.  And we think that you are beautiful.

Desire’- I believe that beauty comes from the inside.  You can have a beautiful face, but if you do not have a beautiful personality you are not beautiful person to me.  I feel that you are a beautiful person, everyone is beautiful in their own way.  Even know you have a birth defect you are  beautiful, you are one of a kind.  And don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Personally, I believe beauty is what’s on the inside.  Looks really doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to impress somebody because of how you look, dress or act.

Jalan- We should all just accept the fact that everybody in the world is not perfect. Everyone is not the same.  Like you Grace.  You’re different.  But, with you having a birth defect doesn’t make you ugly, dumb or stupid.  It makes you one of a kind. Don’t let anyone tell you different.  And, if they do.. Be like “And?  Glad you proved your point”.

With all love.


Desire’ Brown & Jalan Mitchell

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