Letters from Ypsilanti New Tech High School

By: Owen

Dear Owen

Hello, Owen how has things been so far?  My name is Jehon.  My partner Otha, and I have been doing some research on your genetic condition.  We are currently attending a New Tech High school located in a small city called Ypsilanti in Michigan.  In case you didn’t know what New Tech means: it’s a school where your learning is project based, more advanced with technology. You also can go on youtube and find some videos that we have produced.  After looking through your blog on “The PEARLS Project” my partner and I see that you are very adventurous and like things such as walking through the woods and following trails.  That is one thing we find very fun because there are so many amazing sites you can see while doing it.

I understand you are missing part of your chromosome 18 and you have 18q deletion syndrome.  You look like a great kid to hang out with, I would love to be your friend.  You’re always happy.  Never let anyone strike down all the confidence you have.  No one should try to talk down on you because you are just as human as everybody else.  People who brings nothing but negativity around are a bad influence on your life and have no reason to be in it.

Hello Owen, I am Otha, Jehon’s project partner.  I also have a lot of questions for you.  I wonder if your condition makes you lose focus every once and a while.  I have read all about your condition and the symptoms that go with it but this is my first time actually interacting with someone who has the condition.  I would also love to be your friend.  You look like someone who knows how to enjoy yourself.  I also like walking through the wood and following trials.  I also feel that there is a lot of more adventures that I could show you that you didn’t know about.  The reason my partner and I are contacting you is because our school is doing a project named what is beauty and when I saw your video on your blog I knew then I wanted to write to you.  I love the fact that you are always happy and that is a great personality to have in the world.  I can tell you are a very warmed hearted person and it would be very nice to meet you.


Jehon and Otha


Dear Owen

Hello Owen, I am Gregory. I go to Ypsilanti New Tech at Ardis.  I am in the ninth grade.  I found it interesting in Biology that you were missing part of your 18th chromosome.  I have friends who get treated badly in school and I don’t want that to happen to you.  Dont let people say you’re not normal, because what is normal anyways?  There is no definition of normal. So that means weird is normal, and we are all weird.

Hi, my name is Austin I also go to Ypsilanti New Tech at Ardis.  I am in ninth grade.  I see that you are missing a part of your eighteenth chromosome.  I was bullied in elementary and middle school for the way I look and the way I act.  I feel like we have a lot in common and I’m happy to be able to talk to you.  What do you like about home, school, etc?  How is working with Rick?  Like Greg said, “Don’t let people put you down, We are who we are. It’s not the outside that counts, it’s what’s in the inside that counts.”


the Gregory & the Austin

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