Letters from Ypsilanti New Tech High School

Dear Rebecca

Let me start off by saying my name is Kiyla , I’m a 9th grader and the school I am attending is Ypsilanti New Tech @ Ardis.  I found out the condition you have and its called AMC, short for Authrogryposis Multiplex Congenita.  I also read the meaning of this disorder and I found out that it’s a genetic disorder of newborns resulting in decreased flexibility of joints.  Rebecca , you are a strong woman.  I’ve read that you have graduated from the University Of Michigan with a master of social work degree with a concentration of community organizing in health.  I just want to tell you to keep pushing forward and anything you put your mind to, you can do.  One thing I like about you is that you’re not letting the condition you have stop you.  You are a very beautiful young lady and you are focused on what’s ahead of you and not what’s getting in the way of stopping you from doing what you have to do.  I’m here today to tell you keep pushing forward.  Don’t let anything get in the way of doing what you have to do.  I have a 6 years old cousin that is Autistic.  When I first met him I cried my eyes out because I honestly thought he wasn’t going to make it.  But, now that I see he’s learning how to talk, going to schools and learning new things around him, I’m not worried about him passing away.  He’s doing just fine.  From what I read about you, I know you’re gonna be just fine as well.  You have a good life ahead of you and you are such a strong, beautiful lady.  I’ve had such an amazing and interesting time learning about you.  Keep your head up, Rebecca and continue to go down the right path in life.  Continue to stay strong.  XOXOXOXOXOXO


Dear Rebecca

Hello my name is Doriyahna, I am 15 years old, and my birthday is January 4th. I am here to talk about beauty because it is a class project we are doing.  My definition of beauty is the way a person’s personality is.  If you are nice, kind, happy, and etc.  I think you are a beautiful person because you seem like a nice, kind, confident, happy person.  I watched your video and you have a pretty voice like me. I hope to graduate from college just like you did.

Some questions I have to ask you are, how old are you?  Do you like the way you are living?  What did you graduate for?  What were some of your dreams as a kid?  Did you feel insecure as a child about people.  Do you feel beautiful yourself?  Do you have any sisters or brothers?  I am asking you these questions because I’m curious and when you answer them that will help me to be a better person.  My goal is to be a beautiful person just like you.


Hi Rebecca

My name is Mikayla.  On October 18th I will be turning 15 years old.  I am a freshman at New Tech High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  My definition of beauty is someone who is nice on the inside.  I do not think beauty has anything to do with a person on the outside.  It is all about the inside.  When I watched your videos, I thought your voice was very pretty and you were soft-spoken.  I noticed that last year in October you mentioned reading The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent.  I also had read The Fault In Our Stars but haven’t got the chance to read Divergent.  I also live in Michigan.  There are a few things I would like to know about you.

What is your definition of beauty?  Have you lived in Michigan all of your life? What are some of your short and long term goals?  Have you made a bucket list if so, what are five things you have on it?  Those of just some of the questions I have for you.  Since reading your entries and watching your videos I understand that having Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita your joints are curved and it is hard to move your legs and arms.  How have you been dealing with it for 24 years?  How was it working with Rick Guidotti?  I bet you had a great experience with him.  Hopefully, I will get to meet you one day.


Hello Rebecca

My name is Eli.  I go to Ypsilanti New Tech High School.  I think that it is great that you are sharing your life story with everyone throughout the whole world.  I was wondering what your definition of beauty was because we are doing our project on beauty.   I think beauty is knowing what you want to do in life, how you change the world.  So, you have changed the world in a big way.  You are very beautiful in my eyes.

I was also wondering how everyday life is for you? You seem very happy.  It seems like it would be hard to move and do physical things.  What activities do you like to do most in your freetime?  I like to play sports hang out with my little brother, Lance.  What’s your favorite restaurant?  I know you like Applebees, and like to play trivia there.  I play trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings.

What’s your family like?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?  What are they like?  I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  I am the 2nd youngest.  What’s your favorite food?  Mine is pizza.  I hope you write back.  Do you like sports?  I like the Pistons, Tigers, Redwings, and the Lions most of all.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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