Liceo Scientifico Classico

By: Byron

Hi Lorenzo, Anna, Andrea, and Simone,

I am 17 years old and currently in my sophomore year or second year of high school. I live in a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. I have been to Italy once for about two hours. My family went to Monaco and we drove into Italy for lunch one day. What do you guys enjoy doing outside of school. I love sports and enjoy playing basketball, soccer, and football. My favorite sports teams are the Miami Heat and the Washington Wizards for basketball, New York Yankees in baseball, New England Patriots and Washington Redskins in football.



Hi Byron

We are three 16 years old guys and one 16 years old girl; our names are Lorenzo, Andrea, Simone and Anna.  We are frequenting the third years of the Cuneo high school.  We live in Cuneo, a little town near Tun.

If you have time to answer us we would like to talk with you using the positive exposure blog.

Lorenzo, Anna , Andrea, Simone.


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