life lessons/we all have a story to share

By: Zach

There is truth behind every lie when you’re hiding your deepest darkest secret and when you think all hope is lost just remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel. What people are failing to understand is that we all have a story to share and it is the words that we choose to share it with. One thing I will never understand about myself is why am i the kind of person that can not commit to one thing you know what i mean. People are constantly walking the face of the earth but remember you can be here one day and gone the next. As i was thinking of my youtube video for the night and all that it just has dawned on me maybe my parents are right i am the challenging one but loved at the same time and always wonder how can i make life easier look we all know the world is going through a crisis but there is always room for improvement as I am writing this I as in  nobody is promised a tomorrow live each day up like its your last. Like i said i was recording my video tonight and i was thinking knowing that my grandmother has died and that meaning us as a global community we need to protect our loved ones and all that especially during the covid-19 delta variant you don’t know how your gonna catch it. so always stay sanitary and just think about the people in the florida hospitals they cant even have a dinner with their families because they potentially have covid-19 and they have to have a zoom dinner on their lawn in a tent. We all just want the pandemic to be a thing of the past. But now there are people who are refusing to get vaccinated and now it is the pandemic of the unvaccinated is how i am seeing it.

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