I love the British way of doing things. I find it to be very civilized.  I especially love London. I love flying there Virgin Atlantic.

I love English tea time around 4 pm when everybody gets together for tea. I love the snacks that they offer, like scones and cucumber sandwiches. It always hits the spot, as they say.

I love shopping in London if I can afford it (Everything in London is so expensive). But I also like going on the English subway. I love the hotels such as the Sanderson with their cool sheets and nice pillows.  I love the buses, but I mainly like the taxis because they are roomy and classier than the American taxis. I love the greenness of the city and Big Ben, the clock that turns when it gets to be a certain hour.

As for recommendations on where to go: The Tower of London, where all the prisoners were kept for short periods of time. Apparently, there was an execution done in the tower where they chopped off people’s heads during the time before I came there. There were also these princesses in the tower who had gotten killed by their uncle Richard.




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