Long Meeting

By: Byron

I hate when I have to sit in a 2 and a half hour meeting where all I’m doing is listening to people talking about me. Yesterday I had an IEP meeting at my school. I guess its good to be there to hear what people suggest what I need at the school, but at the same time it was incredibly boring because I wasn’t really taking part in the meeting. I was only there because it was about me. What made up for sitting in the IEP meeting was that yesterday MMLP2 came out Eminem’s new album. I’ve been looking forward to it coming out since they announced the album a few months ago.

Living in Boston it was very fun when the Red Sox were in the World Series. I am a Yankee fan but because they weren’t in the playoffs I couldn’t root for them. I started rooting for the Detroit Tigers and when they were playing in Boston my dad and I went to Fenway to watch them. After the Tigers lost to the Red Sox I started rooting for Boston. Pretty much everyone in my school wanted the Red Sox to win which makes sense because we are right outside of Boston, and they ended up winning which I guess is fine.

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