Long Rehersal

Yesterday I went to the theater for a rehearsal. It was a good rehearsal- mainly. The reason it was mainly a good rehearsal happened in the beginning. I had just sat down at the big bay window. Then I heard this really loud screech. I saw what happened out of the corner of my eye. There was a car crash. You would expect it to make a crash sound, right? I guess it doesn’t. The instant it happened everyone in the room came rushing over to the window to see what happened. Caryn (who plays Tzeitel, the eldest daughter) said, “ I do hope it’s not anyone in the cast.”

Ironically- not funny ironic, but ironic- the second she said that I realized that the person who got hit was Sophie. She plays Chava- the middle daughter. I was close to tears. I wasn’t close to her or anything like that, but a cast, to me, is just a gigantic family. Approximately 15 seconds later Caryn realized something. She asked,
“Oh… no. Someone please tell me not. Is that Sophie?”
“ Yes… Yes, I think it is,” I replied.
“ That’s not good…”

It was at least 15 minutes later and I was still in shock. Michael ( the director) asked Abbie ( ensemble) to go tell Sophie that there was no rush. She could come in whenever she needed, she didn’t have to come to rehearsal at all if she didn’t want to.

During the beginning of Sabbath Prayer (a musical number) she came in. It was quite hard for me to stay in character.

It was time for the Potluck Dinner!!! I ate 2 slices of pizza, 1 wing, 5 strawberries, and 3 slices of Challah bread. My friend, Annie had the exact same amount of food that I had. She had this one huge cup of soda, I had a small cup. I had 4 mini desserts, she ended up having seven.

My other friend, Zara, came in with her dad and brother, her mom was in the show. Since yesterday was the beginning of the Jewish New Year and they are Jewish, the dad said a prayer and there was apples dipped in honey- a traditional food on the Jewish New Year. Too bad I don’t like honey! Zara was invited to my birthday party but sadly couldn’t attend. So… It was the first time I had seen her in more than four months. She gave me my birthday gift. After congratulating her for getting Young Fiona in Shrek: The Musical Annie and I went into the dressing

I was very careful opening it. Trying not to rip the wrapping paper was very difficult. When it was finally opened it revealed a music book! My voice instructor has it but now I had my own copy. It had so many songs that I loved in it. It was time for the rest of Act 1 and then as much as Act 2 that we would get through.

The Wedding Scene definitely took the crash off of everyone’s mind. It’s an extremely joyful, but touching scene. I start out happy, then I’m sad, then happy again, next I’m annoyed, then mad, then surprised, then excited and proud, last I’m scared. Have you ever had that range of emotions in such a short period of time?

We finished half of Act 2 before it was time for notes. I had no notes which was good. It was then time to go.

You could say I had a very busy 5 1/2 hour rehearsal yesterday. But I did have fun.

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