LOVING This Warm Weather!

I am LOVING this warm weather!  It’s almost 80 degrees here today and it feels so good after a long, cold winter.  I’ve been able to go outside for recess the last 3 days and get on the adapted swing.  It’s a really cool swing that I can take my whole wheelchair on.  My teacher just takes me in my wheelchair and pushes the whole thing right up onto this swinging platform.  Then they tie down my chair and off I go swinging.  I absolutely love it.  Next to bumper cars and zip lining, it’s my favorite!  I’m pretty excited because I just found out that my new wheelchair should be coming soon.  It’s pretty cool and can do a lot of things my current chair can’t.  And this chair is getting a little uncomfortable too, since I got it when I was only 4.  I’m really hoping that this weather stays nice because my mom said that we can go in the backyard to have a fire in the fire pit on Friday night if it’s still warm.  The whole family sits around the fire and my little sister likes to do karaoke and sing to me.  It’s pretty funny.  Well, I’m off to go for a walk with mom and enjoy this awesome weather!

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