Mac World

By: Byron

We won our game yesterday. I am so happy! It was our homecoming game, and 
that school has been “talking trash” about our school – saying bad things 
about us. And quite literally our entire school was at the game. That’s 
about 120 people.

This morning I’ve been busy downloading IOS5 to my mom’s iphone and my step
dad’s ipad and then moving their me accounts to icloud. I guess you can 
tell I’m an Apple person. I love to read Mac World on my ipad. That’s how learned that the new update was available because I was at school and it 
popped up with all the news. After I finish writing this blog I’m going to
download Lion, the new operating system onto my mom’s mac.

I take my ipad to school every day. And that’s basically how I do all of my
work. Instead of writing, I type because it’s easier. I take videos and 
pictures of assignments in class, mostly in English. When the teacher puts
 notes on the board I take a picture of them rather than writing it down. And
 sometimes I take a video of her talking so that I can listen later. Reading 
on the ipad is much easier than reading a book because you can change the 
fonts, you can change the background color, you can change the lighting and
 the size of the type. Right now I’m reading, “Lord of the Flies,” which 
hasn’t been that interesting in the first part but is getting more 
interesting. A dictionary is built in so all I do have to do is tap on the 
word twice and then tap on dictionary and that tells me the definition of 
the word. I can also take notes and highlight text. I’ve come to enjoy
 reading more since I got the ipad.

I’m going to get ready to go to the Apple Store with my mother for a
 one-on-one session (except it will be two-on-one).


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