March Blog

By: Portia

Hey Guys!


March has been probably one of the most anxiety inducing months of my life :D


First off, I had an FBLA competitive event, which was so much fun, BUT, we had meetings until 12 in the morning, so not fun. However, I got to sing the National Anthem at the state-wide event, in front of 4,000 people! That was awesome.

Other then that, school has just been very busy. The end of the marking period has been upcoming, and teachers are scrambling to give us as much work as possible. Spring break is also coming to an end, which means I have two week left until the marking period ends. Hopefully I’ll come out alive.

I also got my prom dress! I’m so excited!. My mom and I got it over spring break, and it was the first dress I tried on. Over spring break, I hung with friends, and studied for my classes.


Happy April!

– Portia

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