March favorites

By: Morgan

March favorites

  1. I read multiple books I’m in the middle of Savannah Calahallen’s book – brain on fire.
  2. The Jonas Brothers came out with new music this month
  3. Watching a lot of Bravo on tv.
  4. Eating salads
  5. Drinking ultima electrolytes
  6. Loved going on vacation
  7. Hated coming back to the cold weather
  8. Dreading the fact that snow is still on the ground here.
  9. I want a memory foam pillow – thanks to grandma lol…
  10. Dreaming of my trip to France with DR. D. I got my approval letter in the mail this month.
  11. Planning lots of trips
  12. Improving my sleep
  13. Giving out positive vibes
  14. Trying to broaden my horizons
  15. I enjoyed seeing my family this month.


Fun things that happened: the bachelor ended I won my bracket because I picked Cassie to win night one,in honesty I saw a spoiler toward the end of the season of him and Greg from Disney channel working out and he’s dating cassie’s sister Michelle.


Dewey had his 6th birthday and I watched an unhealthy amount of TV this month :)

I am so lucky and had great luck this month.


See you next week where you’ll meet my brother.

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  1. Kelsey April 2, 2019 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    The Netflix adaptation of Brain On Fire is AMAZING!! I highly highly highly recommend!

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