By: Grace

Hi Everyone

I just got the most best news. I am going to see Matilda. I love the show it is about a five year old who has magical powers and she uses  that power to combat evil at home and school. She is also a bookworm. I am also a little bit of one too. There are four Matildas for each show.  Ava, Willow, Avick, and Matea. They rotate as the lead role. My favorite part of the show is the “Naughty” scene.  During this  scene the song Naughty is being sung, while Matilda takes her mother’s hair dye and puts it in her father’s hair tonic bottle. He pours the hair tonic on his hair and it turns bright green.

I am going to see the musical on April 7th with a friend of mine. This will be the fourth time I have seen the Matilda musical.

Take care


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