May is BPD Awareness Month 

By: Rachel

**Trigger warning, feel free to edit if you feel it’s too much

It’s May, which is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month. I’ll be posting lots of info on this disorder because I have it and have known other fantastic people who have it too. The first article I’m sharing today is really interesting. It’s basically an overview of BPD that points out some crucial information. BPD is often misdiagnosed, and it’s probably the most misunderstood psychological disorder, including by people in the mental health field, which I’ve experienced first-hand. This is dangerous because people with BPD complete suicide 400x more than mentally healthy people. That gives you an idea how uncomfortable BPD can be. Imagine your brain going wild and fighting against you– first feeling euphoric then devastated, idolizing someone then feeling abandoned by them. And no matter how much logic you tell yourself, no matter how silly the voice of BPD sounds even to you, you just can’t make that voice go away. Oh, it wears you down so you only have enough energy to survive. I’ll share more as the month goes on. Feel free to ask questions, or reach out if you or someone you know needs help! I have hotline numbers and lots of resources! Time to move away from shame– and start sharing and asking for help instead.  ❤

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