Medical Student

I had a very interesting experience talking to a medical student on rotation at the eye center who had no idea how albinism affects the eye so I basically went through the whole thing. Well she asked me what my vision range was and I gave her the numbers. Her response was something to the affect of why my glasses didn’t do much and if I needed a new prescription. Also for some reason she thought I needed to go to more doctors and than normal people. I said just these types of checkups and dermatology and then she asked if I need a full body exam when I go to the dermatologist. Also she asked me about how I actually read stuff. I literally had to explain her almost everything. Then she checked my eyes with a light and was probably freaked out by translumination or something because the doctor came in after that and had to explain to her that’s normal… Of course after the doctor said I should go to low vision (special clinic for people who have my range of vision) I thought maybe I should stay because I would help train a medical student in rotation once a year. 

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