Meet Owen

By: Owen

Meet Owen

Hi there, I am Owen’s Mom and I want to introduce you to the coolest kid I know.  Owen inspires me everyday.  He just approaches the world with so much enthusiasm and love.  He has to work extra hard at almost everything he does and yet he never quits.  Owen is 4 and his diagnosis is 18q- but that is just a small part of who he is.  And soon I will write a post about his diagnosis and how we learned all about that but today I want to focus on what makes Owen so special.  Sometimes I forget about the “Special” in special needs and spend my time focusing on the “needs”.  Today’s post is all about the special!

1.  Owen’s love is so big!  Everywhere we go people are drawn to him.

Meet Owen

2.  He is so adventurous.  Trying new things often makes me nervous but Owen usually jumps right in.  Last week we went to our local amusement park and thanks to the threat of rain the place was practically deserted.  For the first time there wasn’t a line at the Loggin’ Toboggan, most parks have their own version of this, you sit in the “log” and go up a steep incline until you get to the top and you rush back down the incline into the water waiting to splash you at the bottom.  The first time down I was so afraid that he would cry but he loved it, he attempted to get right back into our log the second we got out of it.  The third time he wanted to stand in the front, obviously this wasn’t allowed but seeing him stand up in the front of that log with his arms outstretched,I could just hear the words “I’m the King of the World” in my head.

Meet Owen.2

3.  He loves stomping in puddles.  Loves it.  After a rainstorm we could go outside and stomp in puddles for hours.

Meet Owen.3

4. He loves the water.  He is fearless in the water.

Meet Owen.4

5. Owen loves his preschool.  He starts back for the year on August 19th and I know when he sees that big long hallway leading to his class he will be so excited!

Meet Owen.5

6.  He is a super fantastic big cousin.  His little cousin Gabe adores him and anytime he sees anybody from our family the first words out of his mouth are “Owen? Owen?” as he looks past us to see his best buddy!  (In other news Owen has a new baby cousin!!!  I won’t be able to post photos for a while but when I do you are going to LOVE HER!)

Meet Owen.6

7.  Owen is also a well adored little cousin.  He has four older cousins and he loves all the attention lavished on him when he gets to see them!

Meet Owen.7

8.  He is a whiz on the iPhone and iPad.  Seriously, the kid amazes me!

Meet Owen.8

9.  Letters and numbers are some of Owen’s favorite things.  He loves books and reading just about anything…  even license plates.

Meet Owen.9

10.  Owen loves to swing.

Meet Owen.10

11.  He is a budding photographer, one day I imagine he will have an amazing show in some gallery of nothing but forehead selfies!  Ha.  I do hope that as he gets older the act of taking photos is something he will learn to enjoy.  I imagine us with our cameras hanging from our necks and bonding over our mutually shared hobby.  A mom can dream right?

Meet Owen.11

12.  He gives the best hugs.  They aren’t free for the asking but when you get one, trust me, it will be worth the wait.

Meet Owen.12

13.  His smile will melt your heart and his laughter is infectious.

Meet Owen.13

14.  He is a super hero (but don’t give away his secret identity!)

Meet Owen.14

15.  Owen is going to do amazing things.  Just wait and see.  Maybe he’ll even go to the moon one day!

Meet Owen.15

Honestly, this list could have a hundred things and still not be complete but I hope it helps you get to know Owen a little bit better.  I don’t think we mean to but sometimes we focus so hard on what is “wrong” with special needs kids that we can miss all the amazing things.  Today, embrace the “special”.

I can’t wait to share all about Owen’s first day of school!

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