Mission Trip to Africa

By: Eli


Sorry it’s been a while, but I have some good news to tell you guys!! 

So first off being that I had already had try outs for my competition cheerleading and I am grateful and very surprised at the teams I was chosen to be on, they were really amazing teams and the teammates are so funny and great to be around. We started about 2-3months ago, I am on two teams so therefore my practice schedule is on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, whew! I am coaching/ being a buddy on a special needs cheer team which is my second time doing so. I am also doing school cheer which is very fun and quite different from competitive cheer. Now I know what your thinking, Dang that is a lot, and I agree on that. I practice about 22hrs a WEEK which is a lot of hard work and determination. 

One big exciting thing I was blessed to be apart was to go to Africa on a Mission trip. This experience was very eye opening because we Americans take for granted for what we have and don’t see the big picture. One of my favorite parts was to play and interact with them, they would smile and laugh, which would make it seem like nothing bad has ever happened to them. My most proud moments was that I taught them 3 games that we play in America, I taught them to play Red light Green Light(very simple game when I was young), tag, and finally Sharks and Minnows. They knew how to play them by the end of the afternoon and I even had two older girls translate for me, which was an awesome experience. We went to the School for the Blind where Rick Guidotti  took a picture there. We did other cool things like a photo safari, walking with lions, riding elephants and other cool things.

Tip: if there is a once in a lifetime opportunity, take it!

Another thing that has happened is that there was recently a hurricane called Florence. Some of y’all might’ve heard about, but thank God that nothing bad happened to my family and friends. On the bright side my school cancelled on some days like today! I am very blessed that my house, family, friends and others are ok, just major thunderstorms, but no flooding near me.

I know this is very long, but thanks for reading all of it and hope you can read the next issue I type!

Be safe, be kind and be positive,


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