Modern Day Cinderella

By: Bailey

Modern Day Cinderella

Sometimes you get to be a princess.  For months I had planned a photoshoot with a local photographer.  They were looking for a model to do a shoot in the snow in a gown.  This is totally up my alley, so I volunteered!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature has had other plans.  We normally get lots of snow in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania, but seriously every single time we scheduled the day there was not a trace of snow.  We’d reschedule and the same thing happened.  Once we got to the third time, we decided to go in a different direction.  The photoshoot was a couple days away and I rummaged through my closet, asked the photographer for some ideas of things she still wanted to do a photoshoot of and we came to an agreement on a modern day Cinderella.  I loved every moment of it!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see all the photos once they are done.  (They are editing some of the photos to be “magical”.)  But here are my sneak peeks.  Enjoy!

All photos by Victoria Lynn Photography & Wisor Editing.

Modern Day Cinderella.1 Modern Day Cinderella.2 Modern Day Cinderella.3 Modern Day Cinderella.4 Modern Day Cinderella.5 Modern Day Cinderella.6

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