My 2023 Summer

My 2023 Summer

What did you do over the summer?

My first vacation was going to Toronto,Canada. I got to visit my friend, Julia. My parents and I drove from our house to their house. It was a 9 hour drive. When we got there on Tuesday night. they invited friends over for dinner. I got to see another friend Noah. I got to meet Julia’s dog, Luna. I got to see her two sisters, Andrea and Jenna. I got to meet Jenna’s dog. The dinner was so delicious. My friend Noah let me try a new drink called Blackberry Ginger Ale. That drink was good. I was so tired from driving all day. Julia got us matching PJs which was Stranger Things which I have never watched before.

The next day,we walked around the town. My dad loves this Bakery and we had a lot of good things. We saw a car planted with flowers and we got pictures with the cool car. One of the baked goods was a good looking donut. They were so good, especially the jelly filled donuts. Julia was wearing her new shirt that I gave her and she was upset that jelly dripped on her new shirt. After that, we went to eat at Eatlyn. Natalie wanted to stay longer with us. Teresa. Natelie, my dad, my mom and I went out to a Brewery. It was a little loud for me there and I had to get up and move around.

The next day we went up to see where Teresa was going to work. Later that day we walked around a little in town, while the parents had some drinks. That same evening we went out to dinner. Julia and I got some frozen drinks which were good.

On that Friday we went to Oakville, Canada to see and meet new people at Noah’s house for a little party. I got to see my friend Becky and Emerson. I got to meet Katelyn and Ava. Julia’s dad Mike grilled us some hamburgers. They were so good. Ava wanted to play Badminton and her mom wasn’t good. So I decided to play with her. We did an awesome job together keeping the ball up. Ava accidentally made the ball hit one of the dads. Then it was a long way back to Julia’s house from Noah’s house. On Saturday we got to see a private island. The island was so beautiful. We got to see a little water race. Finally we got gelato for my mom.

What was your favorite part of your vacation? Did you go on any vacation?

I went to Columbus, Ohio for the Chromosome 18 Conference. I got to drive with my brother Andrew and his girlfriend Abby to Ohio on Saturday. One of my friends, Lillian, got there the same exact time I did. The conference officially started Sunday evening. I finally got to meet new people, especially Rebekah from Canada. I got to see my friends Kaylyn, Kelsie, Lauren, Macy and more people. I got to hang out with Kelsie during Sunday night. Since we went to a Brewery, we both had our first flight of beer. I only drink 3 out 5. I’m positive it made Ava more comfortable seeing me there.

On Monday we did our session for the self advocates. One of our sessions was a scavenger hunt. My group was Kelsie, Isabelle, Chelsea and her helper Mckenzie. Later that night I went to Cheesecake Factory with a smaller group which was Becky, Kaylyn and Ross.

On Tuesday we did a painting lesson. The painting was so much fun. A group of my friends came up with a shirt name that we all wore together. The same day but later was the Self-advocates night. It was bowling and arcade. It was fun.

On Wednesday it was time for the Self-Advocate Panel. I didn’t do it because I was taking photos of them. Plus another reason I wasn’t in the mood. Wednesday was the Starfish Dance. Some of the Self Advocates got their hair and make up done. Then we had to wait for the dance to start. The dance finally started and I was happy to get my own table with friends. My table had Kaylyn, Sara, Julia, Kelsie, Lillian, Lauren. Kelsie and I were helping our friends out with what dinner they could have or not. The first and last song was We Are Family. Last year we started a tradition that everyone got in a circle and held hands. We did that this year too. I saw everyone doing it so I went to go by Ava and then Lauren saw me then Lillian came. The songs lasted 8 mins. Then it was time to saying goodbye to everyone until next year.

What was your favorite memory during summer?

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