My Arm & Leg Braces

By: Byron

Up until the last few years I have felt very confident with the braces on my legs and arm, but recently since I have moved to Boston I have felt very afraid to show them in public. Maybe its because the people and schools that I knew before Boston were very small and I felt comfortable wearing shorts in public, but now that I am in a school that has 1600 kids in it I have felt very uncomfortable and no matter what the situation is I always wear jeans. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new quarter which means I have a brand new PE class. This class is the first class in which I will be having to change into shorts each class. This means exposing my braces on both my legs. There will be 30 kids in this class which means only 30 out of 1600 kids will see my brace, but I am still very nervous about it. The class goes until mid January which isn’t that far away, but I am very nervous exposing what I have. I want to have people think I am a normal person, but I know the second I walk out of the boys locker room wearing shorts people will think of me as someone who is very disabled. I will let you know how the class goes tomorrow. Hopefully what I am thinking in my head of what people may think and the looks I’ll get is worse than what it’ll actually be in person.

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