My Aunt Ann and Uncle (Trouble) Pete

My Aunt Ann and her husband, Peter (but I call him Trouble) have been foster parents to 2 children.

The first child was a 6 month old girl named Sunni Rae.  She came to my aunt and uncle on June 12, 2018.  Since this was Aunt Ann and Trouble’s first experience with being parents, my mom and I went over there to help them out. It was a little bit crazy at first getting Sunni adjusted to a new home.  But after a few days, she settled down.     I got some first hand experience feeding her and  playing with her.  I would often go over on Saturday’s to babysit Sunni while my aunt got stuff done around the house.  I loved being able to hang out with Sunni because she was so fun and cute!  

While Sunni was with my aunt and uncle she spent a week at the beach, weekends in St. Michael’s AND go the the Chromosome 18 conference for the Starfish Dance!  She loved it!

Sunni was such a happy and smiling baby. She loved music especially Vampirina.

 It was sad for all of us when she left in August, 2018, but we were happy she was able to go back to her mom.

 Aunt Ann and Uncle (Trouble) got their second foster child named Symphony Danielle. 

Symphony came to my aunt and uncle’s house on April 5 even though she was  supposed to be there on April 4. My aunt and uncle still have Symphony.

 Symphony loves the song Baby Shark. 

Symphony turned a year old at the end of October.  She is almost walking and is  starting to talk.  I love being able to play with her.  My mom and I watched Symphony for a week while my aunt and uncle went to Chicago.  I had alot of fun helping to take care of her, push her in the stroller, play with her and feed her, but it was hard work!

Symphony  has some cool friends at her daycare.  Their  names are Liam and Sawyer.

My aunt  got to plan Symphony’s  1st birthday party. She choose mermaids as the theme… which was an awesome idea. I helped her out with the party.

Symphony had a good time licking the icing on her cake and playing with the bags, boxes and tissue paper from her presents!

I am excited because Symphony will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with us!

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