My Chill and Cozy Productive Day featuring my announcement for Beauty and the Beast as Silly Girl Sally (one of the silly girls and Gaston’s muses)

By: Talia

Today I did my ASL class online through Bergen Community College and I learned about travel and conversations. I also did a warm up workout with Mad Fit, a bunch of Beauty and the Beast inspired workouts with Kyra Pro and Sharona’s Hill, did the Gaston dance with Julia (one of the volunteers and RHS students), Be Our Guest Part One with Grace (or one of the other volunteers/RHS students), Be Our Guest Part Two with Mario (one of the volunteers and RHS students) (for Sharing the Arts and Ridgewood High School), and an 8 minute full body cool down and stretch with Mad Fit. Then I read my book called Find Focus, Fight Distraction: Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity by Gloria Mark, PhD and it’s about being productive on a daily basis. Now I’m writing about my day/evening/night and I have a couple of more things to do: cook pasta for dinner, art history class online (I think Khan Academy is the way to do it), and yoga/meditation/mindfulness online. As I’m writing I was just listening to Sonatina in F Major by Muzio Clementi, Steamboat Rag by Bob McHugh, Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven (it’s a very long song by the way), Mini Sonatina by Muzio Clementi and Lang Lang (it’s actually called Sonatina No. 1 in C major, Opus 36), Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo by Bloodhound Gang, The Hustle by Van McCoy, Gaston, Be Our Guest, Belle and Beauty and the Beast from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. If I have time to use my record player tonight after I’m finished with my tasks and after I’m done with everything for the day/evening/night, I’m going to have some of my Halloween candy hopefully. My announcement is that I’m being Silly Girl Sally (one of the Silly Girls and Gaston’s muses) in Beauty and the Beast and the show is around Thanksgiving time at Ridgewood High School, but I’m going to ask Mrs. M, who is the show supervisor and show director about when and where is the show hosted. My castmates are: Garrett as Lumiere, Claudia as Armoire, Ariane as Mrs. Potts, Evan as the Bookstore owner, Yasha as Maurice (Belle’s father), Jessica¬† as Tina the Townsperson, AJ as Walt the Wolf, Jessica as Tabitha the Townsperson, Maeve as Plummette, Kristen as Belle (town), Emma as Silly Girl Sara, Katie as Belle (castle), Tommy as Lefou (Gaston’s best friend), Matthew as Benny the Baker, Ethan as Cogsworth, Conan as Chip, Annika as Enchantress, Justin as the Beast, Chris as Gaston, Angelica as Silly Girl Sienna, Brandon as Prince Adam, Elena as Tilly the Townsperson, Chloe as Tara the Townsperson, myself as Silly Girl Sally, and the volunteers. I’m literally preparing myself for the show with inspiration, practicing my only one line “Marry Me instead!”, my costume, dances, songs and script. So I’m going to ask the show director if I can help my fellow castmates with their lines and inspiration for the show. Enjoy the love and hope to give to the disability community to musical theater and the performing arts community.

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