My College Experience Part 2

By: Peter

While I was completing my two semesters at MCTC, I thought about transferring to a four year college. I applied to two colleges that fit my interests. The two colleges that I applied for were Augsburg College (became University in 2018) and Hamline University. I was surprised because I was accepted into both Hamline and Augsburg. For a short time, I thought about which college I wanted to attend.  After a short decision, I knew Augsburg was the right choice because of the location of the college (it was closer to my house, Augsburg was in Minneapolis, MN and Hamline was in St. Paul, MN), the community,  mobility of the college, and the main reason was the disability services provided by Augsburg.

While attending Augsburg, I was fortunate to have an amazing disability office (also called the CLASS office). Throughout my time at Augsburg they provided me with timely assistance which helped me be successful in my classes. They also advised me on how to advocate with my professors efficiently for what accommodations I need for each class. Like MCTC, I had similar accommodations and a few additions. The new accommodations I needed were having a notetaker in my classes and having a writer/reader for my exams. Having a notetaker was helpful because I could focus more on the professor then trying to take notes in my class. Also, having someone reading and writing for my exams helped get the exams done more efficiently because I did not have to struggle writing and reading the questions myself. This especially helped while I was taking my lower level math classes where some questions made me show my work. I would do this by telling the student that helped me what to write on the exam. State Service for the Blind <M even helped me by having real people record my textbooks so I could listen to them by myself which increased my independence.

There were many different highlights while I attended Augsburg. One of my favorite highlights was that I got to take two classes with my friend that I have known all my life. We even got to do a project together. Another highlight that in one of my semesters the college brought back an honors society for the communications department and I was accepted into it. This made me feel proud because it showed how hard I was working in my classes. I had many interesting classes at Augsburg like a social media class, public relations class, argumentation class, intro to marketing, and a Minnesota History class. The only thing I did not like was that I had to take two night classes because of the schedule Augsburg had for those professors. I did not prefer taking these night classes because I am more of a day person than a night person. The experience of going to a college was also a highlight. 

In December 2018, I completed my final semester at Augsburg. The time at Augsburg went fast and once I finished I had mixed feelings of being done. That May of 2019, I got to attend the commencement which happened to be at the Minnesota Vikings U.S Bank Stadium. I even got to have a small party with my close friends and family. My cousin from D.C even was able to fly in for it which I enjoyed. Reflecting back at my time at Augsburg I was fortunate to have asked for a better experience.


  1. Margaret October 20, 2020 at 10:26 pm - Reply

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  2. Peter October 28, 2020 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    Hello Margaret,

    Thanks for reading my post and interacting. This sounds like a good opportunity I hope it still will work. I reached out the email just this morning (October 28). Looking forward to connecting with you.

    Peter F

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