My Cousins

My Cousins

Lucy is my second cousin.  That is because her mom, Sharon is my first cousin. Lucy will turn 1 on November 27.  She loves to crawl and pull her self up.  She likes to eat apples by herself.  She also likes to drop her apples on the floor so her dog can eat them up.  She will learn how to walk soon.  She can climb up the stairs with her mom standing behind her.  Lucy is a big Baltimore Ravens fan. I love her so much.

This is a picture of Lucy and I when she came over to my grandmother’s house.

I have a new second cousin.  His name is Will and he was born November 1 2012 at 12:15am…. just after Halloween night.  Will has an older brother Ryan who is 3 years old.  Ryan got to hold his baby brother right after he was born. He is so happy to have a new brother.  Ryan loves anything to do with fire engines.  When our volunteer fire company had an open house, I got him a fire hat, coloring book, stickers and a pencil.  Ryan also loves to jump on the trampoline.

Ryan and Will.


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