My Cup of Tea

By: Bailey

Last week, y’all got a taste of people I’d like to meet from the past.  Now it is time to live in the present and grab a coffee with some of my favorite people.  Well, not coffee.  I hate coffee.  Love the smell, can’t stand the taste.  So, how about some tea?  After all, these people are my cup of tea!

Tyra Banks: I love her!  I watched her in America’s Next Top Model marathons throughout college.  She is a great teacher because she can show her students the difference between what they are doing versus what she is trying to get from them.  And I love her stance in confidence and being healthy.  In an industry where so much focus is on outer appearance, she isn’t afraid to embrace flaws.  As a matter of fact she calls it being flawsome.  I would absolutely enjoy spending some time getting to know her, telling her my own story and maybe pick up a few modeling tips along the way.

Kate Middleton: She is living a true Cinderella story and I’d love to meet this princess.  I am not a morning person at all but I gladly woke up at 5 AM to watch her wedding to Prince William!  My favorite thing about her is how down to earth she is.  She seems like the girl next-door and so normal even though she is royalty now.  Come to America, Kate so we can have a spot of tea together.

Carrie Underwood: She is my all-time favorite contestant from American Idol.  And I appreciate that fame hasn’t changed her.  I have had the privilege of seeing her perform in concert twice and she blew me away!  She is really one of the few celebrities that I would honestly like to be friends with.  She always looks amazing, she is loaded with talent, and she can be everything from girl next door to a hardcore rocker to a stunning woman on the red carpet.  And to top it all off, she is unashamed to share her faith.  Someone please get me to meet her.

Troy Polamalu: I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  This man has inspired me from the time I started watching him.  His quiet faith on and off the field is moving and no one can deny that he is a force to be reckoned with in the sport.  Sadly, he has retired but maybe someday I could meet him on the sidelines of a game cheering on our favorite team.

Tim Tebow: I am not only a Steelers fan, but I also love watching football in general.  And Tim Tebow is probably top of my list to meet someday.  I almost worked it out for him to attend the conference for my skin disorder as a guest speaker in Denver, Colorado but then he got cut from the Broncos and his future was up in the air so it didn’t work out.  This man is the most remarkable man I see in the public eye.  He and I could talk for hours…about Jesus, about mission work, about making a difference in people’s lives.  I believe we could become best friends.  And now he is playing for Philly.  I know that is not my team, but at least he is in the same state, which would make a friendship more apt to happen.  He is seriously top of my list.  Someone connect as ASAP!

Michaela de Prince, Travis Wall, Ricky Ubeda, Misty Copeland, Twitch, Kyle Robinson: These are all dancers that I admire and look up to.  Michaela is a ballerina who has a skin disorder and grew up as an orphan.  I can relate to her struggles and love that she is an overcomer.  Travis was a contestant on my favorite TV shows So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and now he is a choreographer.  His work astounds me.  I would be honored to have him choreograph a dance for me.  Ricky was also on SYTYCD and is the dancer that I compare every future male competitor to on that show.  He is currently dancing on Broadway and I am hoping I can make it to see him perform.  Misty is a ballerina who has overcome tremendous odds as well.  Her grace and strength are such a beautiful combination.  And she just made history by becoming the first black principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.  Twitch was another contestant on SYTYCD.  His personality lights up the stage and his street dancing is great.  Kyle is a very attractive dancer trained in ballet but who can successfully do any style of dance with ease.

(On a side note, Desmond Richardson and Melanie Moore are both dancers I have admired for years but I have had the opportunity to meet both of them.  Dream comes true!)

There’s always Ryan Gosling because he’s Ryan Gosling :)

If any of you have any sort of connection to these people…please let me know.  I’m not kidding!

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