My daily intruder

By: Rachel

My daily intruder
*Trigger Warning: OCD and intrusive thoughts*
I’ve never shared some of my thoughts openly before.
Yeah, everyone says how vulnerable I am when I blog and share with people. And you never know how much deeper a person can go.
They SOUND like me.
They FEEL like me.
They AFFECT me.
–the thoughts.
But are they actually MY thoughts?
They come at me and tell me to do things that horrify me, scare me, and oh! the shame of these thoughts can be almost unbearable.
But they aren’t me.
They are OCD.
That’s why OCD isn’t something to joke about or to say you have if you really don’t. OCD is serious and causes intense distress.
The thoughts go completely against my character, my morals, my desires, my …everything!
So now I know I can let them go as thoughts.
Just thoughts.
They don’t have any hold on me.
They don’t say anything about me.
They don’t dictate some future action that I’ll be supernaturally forced to do.
Thoughts are just thoughts.
I hope they comforts you tonight or that you can use this to comfort someone else.
Thanks for reading.

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