My day with family friends Shane, Penina, Spencer and Nate and my family Liz, Seth, Joey, Caroline and Barbara aka Grandma BG

By: Talia

Hi everyone. It’s Talia here having a great time at Siesta Key, Florida during vacation!

Today I went to out to eat with my family and friends at the Village Cafe in Siesta Key, Florida. For brunch, and the beach/pool/hot tub and the boys and Caroline were playing Cards Against Humanity at Casarina/#211 and then all of us will have dinner and I am having Lobster Mac and cheese and the rest of the family and friends will have pasta and tomato sauce.

For brunch I had chicken quesadillas with sour cream and salsa and tomato and lettuce and for a drink I had unsweetened iced tea in a glass cup and a black straw. Caroline had bacon and toast. Joey had bacon and toast also. Spencer had a sandwich I think (I cannot remember what he ate for brunch), Mom had rice and lettuce salad, Dad had a Grouper Sandwich, Shane had a burger with bacon and eggs. Lol! And Grandma had bacon and eggs. Penina had a Michael Moore Sandwich. Lol. Nate had a Swedish scary haunted alien sandwich with Princess Leia and Harry Styles. Lol. Just kidding. I don’t really remember what they had for brunch today! I am in my room right now because I’m not a fan of Alexa from Amazon because she is so annoying. I gotta go now because it’s almost dinner time! Love you guys and I love you to the beach and back! Love your biggest fan, Talia

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