My Day

By: Talia

Hi everyone! My favorite subjects at Banyan High School are Photography, English and History because I’m very good at it and I want to help others do everything that I love to do. I’m excited for my last/senior year at Banyan High School because I get to hang with my two best friends Kimberly Links and Alexandra Bunweski. I want to major in English because I like to read and write. The application process isn’t really stressful because I hope to get into my boarding school Riverview and then hopefully my favorite college campus Berkeley California where my friend Grace Giangreco goes to. I starting liking horses when I was about 5 or six years old. Bo is my emotional support dog and he’s a fox red lab. By the way, his niece is Nellie, Charlotte Meier’s new dog who is related to my emotional support dog yay! My favorite animal is a dog because they’re way too cute.

I want to go to Berkeley California because it’s a rah rah school and it’s my dream college campus! I like to dance, shop, read and blog! My favorite genre of music is Pop because Harry Styles and Ariana Grande are my role models. I have one sister named Caroline Ariel and she is 14 years old. I have one brother named Joey Henry and he is 16 years old. Guess what?! I’m Sandra “Sandy” Dee from Grease at Ridgewood High School/Sharing the Arts and the show date is November 22, 2017! My best friends Charlotte Meier (Marty) and Katie Sheehy (Frenchy) are also in Grease!  Finally, my secret crush Evan (Danny Zuko) is also in Grease too! Talk to you later!

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