My Days

By: Talia

Tuesday December 10, 2013


On Tuesday, I didn’t have school because I had a snow day.

But my friends at school had school without me.

So instead I played in the snow with my siblings and my new aupair.

We made a snowman and a snow fort.

After that, I went to hang out in my bedroom.

My mom went to drop off my Hebrew tutor to her house and then she went to get some magazines for me and of course Starbucks.


Monday December 9, 2013


On Monday, I had school.

At school, I had math, English, social studies, science, and exploratory class with my English teacher.

In math, I did geometry and algebra. It was hard.

In English, I finished my narrative essay on my Bat Mitzvah in 2012 and went to the library to find a borrowed book.

In social studies, I learned about World War 2.

In science, I learned about pure substances/atoms.

After school, my sister got sick for a little while and then got better.

My sister and I made a music video called The Best Story of my life by American Authors.

It was awesome and YOLO!


Thank You!

Love, Talia

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