My Dog Biscuit

My Dog Biscuit

I have a dog and his name is Biscuit. He was born on July 3, 2010 and I got him on Friday September 10 2010. Biscuit is a Shih-Poo which is half Shih-Tsu and half poodle. Getting Biscuit was a HUGE surprise for me. When I got home from school on September 10, my mom and my dad said we were going over their friend’s, Mrs. Julie and Mr. Dennis’s house for dinner. My mom, dad and I were sitting outside on the picnic table playing with their dogs Lily and Simon. All of a sudden Mrs. Julie’s son comes out holding a tiny fur ball of a puppy. The puppy was so cute. Mrs. Julie said “Do you want keep him?” I said, YES!”. I was so surprised when she said that.

My mom, dad and I tried to think of what we should name the puppy. My mom said, “How about Biscuit?” We all loved that name and agreed that would be a good name for him.

I love him so much. When I come home from school in a bad mood he makes me so happy. I like to take him out into the backyard and play with him. He likes to sit on my bed and keep me company while I am doing my homework or watching TV. He is a good companion and my best friend.

Here are 2 pictures of Biscuit…before his haircut and after his haircut.

The haircut makes him look very different. But, I am glad for the haircut. My mom took him to the vet this week and found out he has Lyme disease. He has to take a pill once a day for 30 days! That makes me feel sad. I hope he will be okay.

Biscuit before his haircut.

Biscuit after his haircut.


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