My Experiences Volunteering 

Throughout this year, I have volunteered for a couple organizations throughout New York City. Specifically, Invictus Bakery, which is located in Brooklyn, and Material For The Arts Center in Queens. While the amount of work during volunteering can be difficult, both organizations do incredible work that I stand behind. I know that my efforts are helping others and I feel great about that.

During my time at Invictus Bakery, I baked cakes, cookies, cupcakes and various other baked goods for Invictus customers. The bakery also specializes in dog bones, so I would also make several batches of them and package them as well. Each week, I learned a new baking recipe and it was really fun to be constantly learning and trying new things! My favorite baking item to make was chocolate cake as long as I could get a slice after. While I no longer regularly volunteer at Invictus, it is a very warm, fun, and friendly environment with great people. All volunteers and employees make very tasty treats that leave customers happy!

These days, I volunteer for the Material For The Arts Center. This organization has any material imaginable for any designer or artists. Some of the many materials they have in their warehouse include fabrics, leather, beads, clothing, and more. So far, I have worked on many different projects for the organization. Most of my time is spent separating and organizing materials such as fabrics, sheets, clothes, and beads. I unpackage and place all of these supplies into bins throughout the space. I enjoy the people that I get to work with each week and it is fun to tackle projects together. Everyone is friendly and ready to help.

Ultimately, I know the volunteering I continue to do makes a difference in other people’s lives. That’s what keeps me coming back each week. While it’s sometimes difficult, it’s certainly rewarding.

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