My family (cont) and Peru

By: Lucia

My mothers family is from Peru, which is in South America. She was born in Huacho, which is a small coastal town near the capital Lima. Huacho is really rural compared to Lima. Lima is like Sydney or New York (except the lights, advertising). Most people when they go to Peru, go to Macchu Picchu which is in Cuzco. This is where the Incas lived for thousands of years. They speak a dialect called Quechua.

5 facts you don’t know about Peru

Quinoa, amaranth and lucuma all come from there. Now they are called superfoods, but are all staple foods.
Potatoes are from Peru, and not Ireland!
Is a standing member of APEC and the World Trade Organization, and is an active participant in negotiations toward a Free Trade Area of the Americas(FTAA).
Peru has a high biodiversity with 21,462 species of plants and animals reported as of 2003,
Peru is a multiethnic nation formed by the combination of different groups over five centuries.
After independence, there has been gradual immigration from England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.[85] Chinese and Japanese arrived in the 1850s as a replacement for slave workers and have since become a major influence in Peruvian society

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