My Favorite Dance

By: Talia

1. What am I most excited ???? about parties ????? Dancing ???? with my BFFs and boyfriend.

2. Imagine it’s Midsummer Night at Riverview     How do I feel? Ready. I know I’ll stay tight with my BFFs and all that’s matter.

3. What are my after-school plans? Hanging out with my dormmates at the mall.

4. How am I getting to Riverview for the school year? By my parents driving me by car ????.

5. What’s my favorite type of movie ????? Chick ???? flicks

My theme song is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. For me, Riverview is all about having an amazing ???? time with my friends and boyfriend. I’ll never want to forget the fun and crazy ???? times we’ve had together, both at the events that we host and beyond. Play this song while I’m primping “pre-ready for it vibe” with my closest friends to get ourselves in the mood to dance.

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