My first post as a PEARLS Ambassador

By: Zach

Hey all welcome to my first post. My name’s Zach Kon and I’m honored to be a pearl ambassador. The way this came about is that I meet rick at a prisms Conference. I have a rare genetic syndrome called Smith magenis syndrome Which is a syndrome which it’s a micro deletion of the 17 chromosome. But look that’s besides the fact, I’m 27 almost 28 but like us all we all have Challenges in life. I love video games and pokemon go and just being me of yeah and more thing and love creative writing which is one my specialties. So the reason for joining the ambassador program other than Rick asking me to, I want to find a judgemental free zone where I’m free to say what I want. I meet rick couple years ago and I really respect his work and everything about him. I love my family but there are always struggles that comes with it. Like I always say and I quote “life with special needs is hard like kermit being green.” I work at a day program on a farm and I love it and I hope with covid-19 I hope they dont close down the agency I live and work at. So as of now I’m at my parents and on quarantine and doing what I can to survive. Another thing I love doing is cracking jokes with my friends and all that. And some of the jobs I do at the farm at are the horses grain and I ride and I and I do horsemanship with one of my favorite a staff and his name is Ray Hackett. And I’ll try to post daily if I can so I can keep you guys updated on my daily life.

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  1. Positive Exposure April 18, 2020 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    Hey Zach: Welcome to PEARLS. You are awesome!!

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