My former trip to Poland.

By: Zach

So a couple summers ago or last summer I can’t remember exactly me and my family and my dad’s sisters family went as well. We toured all around poland and prague and i had an incredible time I have meet some family I never knew existed in my life, and I saw where my grandmother worked I also saw concentration camps where my family had there horrific experiences went to schindler’s factory where my mother great aunt was when it was a functioning factory during the war she was knitting gloves for natzi soldiers. And when I was at my grandmother’s sister’s apartment I saw old family pictures and learned alot about my family’s past. I also went to a salt mine and walked over 1000 stairs down and it was a maze to get out,  and I want to express that the food was incredibly good and I was in non alcoholic beer heaven no joke the list was massive and I was in heaven, we ate out every night we had ice creams called trudlos and the beyond good and another thing the iced coffee was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life this trip will last lifetime in my head. Like I have never taken in so much history in my life, I loved everything about the trip long lasting memories and that was that. out let me tell you a story, so normally after a trip like this my brother is sick of my family and we wondering what’s going on like why ain’t he leaving, then he pulled out a shirt that quoted “best brothers get promoted to uncle.” And pulled me and told me to put it on and noticed my dad was coming down the stairs and my brother crinkled the shirt and told my dad to go into the living room and then revealed the shirt and that’s when we found out my sister in law was pregnant with my niece. But the trip will be forever remembered we took it in commemoration of my grandmother and family who were all holocaust survivors rest easy grandma you will always be in my family,s heart and she was a true zen Budhist.

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