My Friend’s Surprise Party

I went to my friend’s surprise birthday party. Her name is Danielle. She was so surprised. Her cheerleader friends were there too but one. Her other friend, Ivy was suppose to come.  Her cheerleader friends were so nice and I knew some of them.  There was a DJ and a photo both.

We all had photos taken with our friends.  The food was taco, chick fingers and nuggets, and sushi. I got 4 cell phone numbers at that party. It was so cool.  Danielle’s brothers were there and their names are Cam and Brandon. Bradon’s friends were there too. Danielle’s cousins were there too. Her dog is called Winston and it a Great Dane. She opened present when I was the last one there. It snowed too.  One of Brandon’s friends got stuck in the snow but not sure when he got out.


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