My Goals 2018

By: Erica

My Goals 2018

Wow, 7 days in on 2018 and already it’s been amazing! Christmas with friends, New Years with family, some new friends came to stay, epic gym work outs, some new goals in place! Whew I’m tired just thinking about it all!! So, a little bit about what My goals are this year,

1: I plan to do some volunteering this year, a couple of hours a week, it would be anywhere, watch this space

2: now this is a big one!! I plan to train and then run a half marathon!!!!!! In doing this , I also hope to raise some money for the foundation of nager and miller syndrome, this is a foundation close to my heart because of course I have miller syndrome! This foundation runs solely on donations and grants when and where able, this foundation gives scholarships to family’s to help them get to the conferences held in America every other year, now, unlike New Zealand where we get free health care and great insurance, a lot of other countries are not so lucky and have to pay thousands for medical appointments and insurance and other things, this does not allow them to get to conferences very easy, but these conferences are so important and there is so few of us that sometimes it’s the only way to know you are truly like someone else when you are with them.

I will keep you all posted on progress, if anyone is able to help with donations, scholarships or anything else, please let me know! I’ll write more soon.


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