My Life Being a Minnesota Twins Fan

By: Peter

My Life Being a Minnesota Twins Fan

All of my life I have been a Twins fan. I have always enjoyed going to games, watching games on TV, listening to Twins games on the radio (especially the west coast games where I can listen while I am getting ready to go to sleep), reading and looking at Twins posts and articles on Facebook. I also like to play baseball on my video game and in real life!

Over my lifetime the Twins have had two different stadiums (there was one before I was born in the early years of the Twins). The two Twins stadiums I have been to are the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (which was a indoor stadium) and the current stadium Target Field (outdoors). Even though going to games at the dome was a great experience, I enjoy going to Target Field more because it is an outdoor stadium and it is a beautiful stadium.

For the past few years, I have been apart of a Twins season ticket group. I go to about eight games a year and sit in the fifth row. When I eat there I like getting a bratwurst, hot dog, or popcorn. When I attend Twins games I bring earbuds so I can listen to the Twins on the radio, it helps me know what is happening.

Over the years, I have met several Twins players and interacted with them at TwinsFest (a winter event in January to get fans back into the baseball mindset). My most memorable interactions over my lifetime have been: interacting with my all time favorite Twins player Torii Hunter, meeting Justin Morneau in the 2000s, and meeting and taking a picture with my current favorite Twins player Max Kepler (I have met him twice). I have met few other players and even gotten their autographs.

I have many baseball dreams to accomplish in my lifetime ahead. My main goal is to attend Spring Training some year in Fort Myers, Florida. I would also like to attend games at every baseball stadium, with the hope that the Twins would be playing there. So far I have attended games where the Twins played the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Detroit Tigers at their stadiums. I have also gone to the stadiums and attended the Chicago Cubs and the Baltimore Orioles games. Another dream of mine is to have the Twins in and hopefully win the World Series (maybe even go)!

Over my lifetime of being a Twins fan I have seen the Twins have really good seasons and really bad seasons. One of the best seasons I have seen the Twins play was this past season in 2019, where the Twins won 102 games and even broke the team single season homerun record. There have been a few bad seasons but I do not talk about those much! I miss the Twins playing right now but I understand why they are unable to and I will be patient and wait until the time is right. No matter how well the Twins do in a single season I always be a loyal fan!

Me and my favorite Twins player Outfielder Max Kepler

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