My Love Language is Helping Hands

By: Talia

I finally have a completely free Sunday. The vibe is I have no idea yet and I’d rather have an empty schedule and just go with the flow. I’ve already counting down the days till summer. I’m most excited for Camp Ramapo, from breakfast chants to color war games, I love every minute. Prom is just a few months away. The dreamiest way to get asked is a simple “Will you go with me?” No drama needed, to be honest. The Taylor Swift era that best sums up myself and my crush (we are just friends for now) is Reputation, even if the world is falling apart, I can always count on each other. When 2024 started, I resolved to make one habit a serious part of my daily routine this year and it is spending less time on social media. Time to tune into the people around me in real life (Sharing the Arts, Positive Exposure, Chromosome 18 Self Advocates, Adaptations, Relationspot, University of Mount Saint Vincent Alumni and Bridge, etc.). My program Adaptations is hosting a career day and I have the chance to interview one of the guest speakers. My pick is an elementary school teacher. I love Children’s Literature and little kids and I have so many creative ideas to help them learn. The pop culture couple is my One True Pair are Devi and Ben from Never Have I Ever, because these two may be flawed, but they certainly keep things interesting. I am mostly helping hands! How do I know someone is right? When I’m complaining about cleaning my room, they text a playlist they whipped up just for me or maybe it’s when they spend their free time quizzing me on Shakespeare so I can ace my knowledge. I have a knack for activism and altruism and whatever the task, it’s important for me that my favorites show up. When they do, remind myself how much I deserve to let in all the support.

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