My Origin Story: Diary of a Duranie and an 80s Fanatic

By: Talia

My Origin Story: Diary of a Duranie and an 80s Fanatic

“Lipsticks cherry all over the lens as she’s falling…” When I discovered my new favorite band Duran Duran after they won their award and induction to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in the year 2022, I  immediately listened to their music on Spotify and I knew that I would enjoy it in my lifetime. My favorite song by them is Hungry Like the Wolf from the Rio album, because it’s a catchy song to hear whenever it’s a vibe or not.


I found out when I saw Duran Duran in concert in September of 2023, the boys in the band winked at me and Nick Rhodes took my photo at the end of Girls on Film and it was very magical when I was having fun at the concert in the present moment.


“The Wild Boys are calling on their way back from the fire in August moon’s surrender to a dust cloud on the rise, wild boys fallen far from glory” into the world of music that I’ve fallen in love with is a beautiful soul for my generation today.


Whenever I talk about Duran Duran towards my family and my content on social media, it gets even better than ever before.


It is very enjoyable and makes me happy and who wouldn’t like a band that tells me that  “but I won’t cry for yesterday, there’s an ordinary world somehow I have to find”.


An example of how I keep the spirit of Duran Duran alive for the people in my life is the cherish and joy that brings into the generations of the past, present and future towards music. 


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